Our Mission 

We aim to develop best applications for people of all ages and occupations. At the same time we take into consideration user’s needs and preferences in rapidly developing virtual environment.


We outdo ourselves to develop exactly what you need!


The virtual environment is now fully established in all generations. We aim to investigate how a person’s lifestyle has changed in virtual environment, i.e. multiplayer games, social networks, etc. The change to an interactive digital environment has taken place very rapidly. It is pretty difficult to describe the impact of the virtual environment and to know how to keep up with ever developing technology in this environment. Not everyone feels at ease in the new environment and not everyone is ready to learn to handle the technology.

It’s become evident that mobile and tablet gadgets are gradually replacing desktops. Many everyday devices became ‘smart’ with multiple complicated features. But not everyone can or wants to deal with intricate interface, especially seniors and little children. Some people prefer a high-quality device with a simple set of features. In this regard we conduct surveys to study the changing role of gadgets in our life so as to develop quality software appropriate for people of all ages and abilities.

Apart from that we center on various business applications and quality games that are functional and friendly to all their users. In today’s business world, it’s essential to be flexible and discover new opportunities for on-the-go functionality and access. Mobile devices have opened a new era of accessibility and flexibility for day-to-day business users. Business people begin to rely on Android and iOS devices as much as on desktops and laptops. In some spheres tablets and smartphones are even more practical. We’ve pulled together our apps that help your business gain more competitiveness.

World Net Club

World Net Club lets you connect with the world, express yourself, discover about all the things you love and more.

WN.C provides limitless opportunities to keep in touch with their friends and followers connecting popular social media accounts together.

Those who want to discover new social media apps but don’t want to miss news from other accounts will find this app extremely useful. Get quick access to all your Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte accounts! If you have several accounts such as personal, work or several business accounts, then this app perfectly suits you. No need to switch between accounts and apps. Connect your personal WNC profile with your favorite social media.

WN.C is your personal social network. Personalize your account applying different filters. Communicate with your friends from different social networks. Choose your social media accounts you want post to.

WN.C helps you to be in the loop. Don’t miss anything that matters to you. Follow your friends to see what they’re up to. Get notifications when somebody comments, likes, posts something new.

WN.C gives you numerous ways to express yourself. Meet new friends with similar interests. Join discussions to express your opinion on hot topics. Discover interesting communities, create groups, hold events or invite friends to secret groups.

Enjoy your social life! All necessary social networking features collected in one app:

  • • Add favorite groups from other accounts like Facebook, Twitter or VK;
  • • More than plain social media aggregator. Create your own WNC groups, events, discussions or add photos to albums;
  • • Invite friends to World Net Club;
  • • Save favorite posts to Bookmarks;
  • • Like, comment and share friends’ posts;
  • • Sort newsfeed using handy filters;
  • • Write text messages, attach photos, create group chats;
  • • Post anything you want
  • • Get important notifications;
  • • Send your geolocation with just one tap. No need for long explanations where’re you now;
  • • And much more!

Contact us

EMAIL: info@worldnet.club