Just a phone

Just a phone is an incredibly simple launcher for those who are tired of modern smartphones’ complicated interfaces and incomprehensible features. Just a phone makes the phone suitable for seniors, first-time smartphone users, people with bad eyesight and everyone who wants their phone to be just a phone.

The team of highly-qualified professionals developed a perfect launcher keeping you and your needs in mind. No more stress while using modern smartphones! Just a phone was designed to help seniors feel comfortable and stress-free to use smart phone as a best senior phone!

Just a phone – simple and easy

  • - Fast and simple interface for easy texting, calling, sending location coordinates and more useful functions. Large texts and color coded icons help you easily navigate and use this launcher.
  • - Big phone dialer – no frustrating struggle with small buttons and complicated menus.
  • - Big message text - texting has never been simpler!
  • - Quick-dial buttons to make calls to most important numbers - helps elderly people stay in touch with their families. Calling your kids and grandchildren is not a confusing and time-consuming challenge anymore!
  • - Big clocks
  • - Flashlight
  • - Easily lock and unlock the screen
  • - Weather forecast for three days on the locking screen

Just a phone is perfect for seniors and visually impaired

  • - Large fonts, big buttons, enlarged icons and pictures. Use your simple phone without glasses. Only necessary and basic set of functions of the ordinary phone – telephone and SMS
  • - Stress-free navigation - you don’t have to worry about making a mistake and losing all data. All buttons are touch-optimized, leaving no room for errors
  • - ‘I’m here’ and ‘Where’re you?’ functions: You may either press the button ‘Send my location’ to send your current locations to your family members, relatives or other contacts or your geolocation can be send automatically as a reply to a text message ‘Where’re you?’ (you can change the message and choose contacts who can receive your location). This extremely useful feature might save lives.
  • - Password protection. Don’t worry any more that you may accidentally delete necessary data from the phone. This mode will prevent users from deleting something important from the simple phone.
  • - Hide unnecessary or unwanted apps. If you don’t want to use an app, just hide it! You can easily add it back to your app list any time.
  • - You don’t have to restart the app every time you turn the phone on – the senior phone starts working automatically if you select the corresponding option

Install this launcher for your parents or grandparents and let them use their phones with ease and confidence! A perfect phone and a simple launcher for elderly people, first-time smartphone users, people with bad eyesight and everyone who wants their phone to be just a phone.