iOS and Android SDK on Xamarin platform.

WN.C MobileChat is designed to be seamlessly integrated with your app. It will make your app more valuable for your client as it's a convenient way to communicate without calling or emailing.


  • - Your client is just 1 click from you
  • - You connect as many managers as you need
  • - You get single chat for your app and website
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Get client id

Connect your application to WorldNet Club. It's qiuck and easy - just fill out the following information below.

You'll get a client ID associated with your own WN.C group. Using this client ID you can create a chat with each user of your app or your corporate website.

You can use WN.C apps to add admins to your own WN.C Group.

Entered below WN.C group Owner using WN.C mobile apps can add another group admins, who can participate in this discussions. Admins can take a part in discussions through WN.C mobile apps and desktop WN.C application.